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Our mission is to simplify, beautify, and transform the lives of everyone we come in contact with through sharing eight principles to healthy, whole living.

We believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel – and it’s the sun. Guess what: one of the simplest principles of good health is getting enough time under the sun. That’s right: simply get out of the shade and stand still, soaking up sun rays. Just don’t go crazy, okay? If you’re out in the middle of the day slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat. We hope we have shed some light on the subject (pun intended).

Let’s face it – water is kind of a big part of our lives. Life is a big fluid adventure, but ironically we often don’t put water where it’s needed the most: our bodies. And most of us grew up being told we should drink water, so it’s not that we don’t know that we need it – what we struggle is building the habit of chugging a healthy dose of H2O every day. Our advice? Just relax, and practice taking life one sip at a time.

You probably heard it from your mom when you were just a kid: “take a deep breath”. Believe it or not, that was one of the best pieces of health advice you’ve ever heard. It can get any simpler than that: just breathe in and out. Deep breaths of fresh air every day. Fill those lungs with good oxygen. Go take a hike in the forest. An adventure at the beach. Take your lunch break in the park. For your sake, walk outside and smell the roses.

We have nothing against running marathons or eating flax seeds. On the contrary. But we do believe there’s more to health than that – the very word “health” comes from an Old English term that was related with “whole”. So we believe good health only comes when we address the whole person, which also includes the heart and mind. Spirituality is a keen element of health; and sharing this belief with you is what keeps us inspired.

Life today is definitely more complicated than our grandma’s life was. Between texting, feeds, tweets and conference calls, who even has the time to exercise? Well, we think the question should be: who can afford not to exercise? Movement is good for your body, your mind, your spirit, your overall existence. Don’t think of it as conquering Mount Everest; just think of it as a lifestyle, the kind where you keep it moving.

Take a nap. Rest. Calm down. Seriously. Asking our bodies to work, work, work without getting good sleep is a bit like opening every app on your phone and then never charging it. It will stutter, fail and finally shutdown. Don’t do that to yourself. If you’re interested in living and being happy and getting stuff done, just try clocking up eight zzz’s of sleep every single night. You’ll awake up to the better version of you.

What does temperance mean to you? We’ll tell you what it means to us: its moderation or self-restraint when it comes to misguided desires. All of us, at some point, feel like doing or eating something that will make us happy; but here’s a harsh truth: sometimes our feelings are… well, they’re liars. So temperance is about saying No to things that hurt you, so you can say Yes to things that give you long-term happiness.

When the question is nutrition our answer is as simple as it gets: whole and plant-based. There’s no single magic food, so eat a variety of fruits, veggies, grains, and legumes to keep the doctor away (just apples won’t do).  When it comes to treating and even reversing some of the Western world’s top killer diseases, a plant-based diet can be more effective than those pills you’ve picking up at the pharmacy – and a lot tastier!

A wonderful surprise. The environment is so beautiful that makes us want to move there! The dishes are delicious! For vegetarians and non vegetarians, I highly recommend it!

Teresa Celestino

Everything, and I mean everything, is perfect in this space!! The food is very tasty and well prepared, with original dishes and ingredients of high quality. They have refrigerators in the space where they have micro vegetables to germinate. I felt like tasting each and every one of the juices. The service is super fast and attentive. The space is beautiful and everything is always super clean. I will be back a thousand times!

Ana Sofia Raposo

Every time I go, I have delicious food and a great view of the city. It’s a perfect place to go work for a few hours and power up with delicious, healthy food.


We're not vegan but we just loved it here! The food tasted so so good and we felt fit and healthy afterwards. The perfect start for a good day in Lisbon. I wish I could take the whole restaurant with me.


I’m always complaining about vegan cheese (it’s not as good as the real stuff) but not here. The Dill Cashew Cheese is incredible. You have to try it. A must go venue for any vegans in Lisbon.


Such an amazing cafe in a beautiful location. The food was incredible and the staff were so lovely and made you feel really welcome. We were only in Lisbon for 2 days and we went twice because we loved it so much.

Nina Dulac

Wow, what a gem! The atmosphere of this place is really calm and inviting, especially for being right in the tourist area. The food was delicious and very fresh! We loved our “blueberry muffin smoothie bowl” and “immune booster shot”. The menu was really interesting and had lots of choices, it was hard to just pick a few!

Lainey B

Very good food and excellent choice if you are vegan or gluten free. I highly recommend! The bowls are absolutely delicious and come at a very affordable price. The smoothies and lattes also taste amazing and they're vegan!!!! They also have great desserts. One of the best vegan places I've ever eaten at.

Emily Lee

Very interesting concept. A great place from where to enjoy one of the best places in Lisbon: praça da Figueira!

Jorge Gravanita

A memorable place!!! A very healthy and vegan menu!!! Delicious salads, sauces and sandwiches!!! Recommended!!

Guershon Crispim

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