Our Story

Well, our story begins where a lot of stories do: with a challenge. Everyone wants to have a beautiful, uncomplicated life, but we noticed that poor health often makes things ugly and far from simple. 

As a family, we loved to travel and adventure together. We liked to squeeze as much as we can from life, like anyone else. But when one of our loved ones faced a near-fatal battle with cancer, something changed. We’d always had an interest in health and lifestyle, but this fight for health sparked a fire in us, and we began to question the popular conception of what it means to be healthy. Does feeling good have to be an elusive goal? Why do our lifestyles seem to be so complicated and out of control? Well, we ended out taking a pilgrimage deep into the heart of the jungle and discovering a secret berry that has the perfect combination of nutrients and antioxidants to perfectly balance the pH levels of your body and cure every ailment known to mankind. Just kidding.

Our investigation did take us on a journey, but it wasn’t to a far-off land. And the answers we found didn’t really seem revolutionary or groundbreaking either. What we found was actually pretty simple. We went back to our roots and discovered that what we were looking for had been right under our noses all along. As Seventh-day Adventist Christians with a biblical worldview, one of our beliefs is that there are eight scientific health principles that have the best impact on our God-designed bodies. When we follow these principles, life is more beautiful and pleasure is maximized.

As we researched and experimented, we began to build our lifestyle around these eight principles: good nutrition, regular exercise, lots of water, sunshine, self-control, fresh air, plenty of rest, and trust in God. That was it. Nothing fancy or complicated about it. And as we saw how these eight secrets revolutionized our own lives and the lives of the ones we cared about most, we knew we were onto a whole new kind of awesome, and we wanted to share it with the world. And so the dream of creating a brand with a mission to make beautiful, healthy living accessible to everyone was born. Enter Eight, stage right.

Once there, this dream wouldn’t leave us alone. So, in keeping with our family’s adventurous spirit, we decided to make Eight a reality. Our goal is to help people reimagine healthy living. Through delicious food and lifestyle inspiration, we want everyone to taste how easy a healthy lifestyle can be. We believe you don’t need more things to create a beautiful life, just a handful of the right things.  

Approximately eight of them.

Ruben and Nancy Dias